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Refresher Safety Courses

Refresher Safety Courses are available and funded to improve the safety of fishermen working on UK-registered commercial fishing vessels. Seafish has secured funding from the European Fisheries Fund, Seafish, Department for Transport, Seafarers UK, Trinity House and Scottish Fishermen’s Trust for delivery of free refresher training to experienced fishermen who have completed their mandatory basic safety courses more than three years ago.

Refresher courses cover first aid, fire fighting, sea survival and the new revised Safety Awareness and Managing Safety at Sea. Fishermen have the option to take the STCW95 PST and Elementary First Aid instead of the basic Seafish Sea Survival and First Aid courses. 

Eligibility Criteria - To be eligible for funded fishermen’s safety refresher training applicants must:

  • be aged 18 or above
  • be currently working (or having previously worked) on a UK-registered commercial fishing vessel
  • have completed all four mandatory basic safety training courses required of experienced fishermen (sea survival, first aid, fire fighting and safety awareness). 
  • have previously completed the courses they wish to re-attend more than three years ago
  • be able to provide a valid National Insurance number for work in the UK




Non Mandatory Fishermen’s Training & The Introduction to Commercial Fishing Course

With thanks to funding from Seafish, the Maritime & Coastguard Agency and the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund we are able to deliver these courses.

Our Latest News

Introduction to Commercial Fishing Course

This NEW 3- week course is FREE to anyone wanting to join the Fishing Industry! The course will cover Personal Survival Techniques, First Aid, Fire Fighting, Health and Safety, Engineering, Stability Awareness, Navigation, Raft Building, Gear and Net Mending, Boat Handling, Galley Duties, Food and Hygiene, Care of the Catch, Seamanship and On Board Procedure.

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Developer DONG Energy says the Hornsea-1 farm will cover more than 154 square miles and its wind turbines will be 190m tall. It will be able to power over one million UK homes with a capacity of 1.2 gigawatts and is expected to be fully operational in 2020.

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